Who am I?

As you might have guessed, my name is Shang-Lin Chen. Some people are confused by my name. My first name, and the name of this website, is Shang-Lin. My middle name isn’t listed here.

I now consider myself to be from California, but I hail from the Midwestern United States, via the East Coast.

I have a degree from Caltech in Engineering and Applied Sciences. I would have majored in Computer Science if Caltech had offered it as an undergraduate option back when I was a student. CS only became an official option in 2004.

My interests include languages, both natural and programming, and literature. In addition to my native language of English, I also have varying levels of fluency in French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese, and I’ve learned a bit of Italian, courtesy of edX. I like taking MOOC’s.

I’m also fascinated with how to improve movement. This is why I’m interested in dance, tai chi chuan, and other martial arts. In dance, I mainly specialize in West Coast swing and International-style ballroom and Latin. I’ve been practicing Hao-style tai chi chuan along with some Yang-style tai chi and kung fu since 2003.

I also enjoy creating content on the web. I created my first website in the late 1990’s for my cat. Later, I created the first iteration of my personal website when I was a student at Caltech. A mirror is still online.