Who am I?

Want to know more about me?

I hail from the Midwestern USA, but I’ve lived in three different time zones.

I have a degree from Caltech in Engineering and Applied Sciences. Back then, Caltech did not offer Computer Science as an undergraduate option, or I would have majored in CS.

My interests include languages, both natural and programming, and literature. In addition to English, I have varying levels of fluency in French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

I’m also interested in movement arts, or more specifically, dance, martial arts, and “flow.” I’ve been practicing Hao-style tai chi chuan along with some Yang-style tai chi and kung fu since 2003, and I’ve also dabbled in kickboxing. I’m now learning Brazilian jiujitsu. In dance, my main styles are ballroom, Latin, and West Coast swing.

Sometimes, I like to write on the web. I created my first website in the late 1990’s for my cat and the first iteration of my personal website when I was a student at Caltech. A mirror is still online.