This week I researched texture mapping and added changeable textures to the robot's body. Pressing the F1 key cycles through the different textures. I created the textures by storing pixel color values in a 64 x 64 x 4 matrix. The 64 x 64 elements represent the pixel coordinates. The additional 4-value arrays contain the RGBA color values of each pixel. Textures are mapped onto a face of a polygon by specifying which corner of the texture corrseponds to which vertex.

In addition to textures, I also added animation to the robot's arms and drew a "ground." The ground is drawn in the Scene class, which in the future will be used to draw other background scenes as well.

I wanted to draw the face texture onto the robot's head. However, this requires using texture objects to draw multiple textures simultaneously. I was unable to get texture objects to work for this week.