Week 1

I have set up the web page and timeline for my project.

The first project, due next week, will be a review of elements I've used before in OpenGL (transformations, lighting, shading). My first program will draw a 3D robot. Lighting and materials will determine the shading of the robot's body. In the following weeks I will get started on animation using two different methods. The first method will move the camera to create the illusion of the robot moving. The second method will involve moving the robot itself while the camera is stationary. After animation, I will start working on texture mapping. During Week 5 I will add texture to the robot for a more interesting and realistic appearance. In Week 6 I will start to use texture mapping to generate terrain. In Week 7 I will experiment with environmental effects like fog. In the final week I intend to put everything together in a demo program. GLUT will be used to create user interfaces.

If the implementations go well, and if I have lots of time, I might start working on a project before its scheduled week. I will probably work on putting together the demo throughout the term and not just in Week 8.

Date: April 12, 2003

Shang-Lin Chen
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